Best Replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref. 5524R Watch Review

Although this watch initially caused shock, Calatrava Pilot Travel Time has become one of the most popular watches of the brand. Although it may not look like your prototype Patek Philippe replica watch, it is extremely sophisticated, practical and attractive in its own way. For Patek Philippe replica collectors, they have always wanted the brand’s voice to be louder and brighter. Calatrava Pilot Travel Time is the answer. I think this new version of the rose gold and brown dial is even more shiny than the lack of better words.

Replica Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref. 5524R Watch

Patek Philippe Travel Time replica watch is the best dual time zone watch around because of its ease of use and legibility. The 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock buttons enable the owner to quickly advance the hour hand in units of hours when moving in the time zone. This will also change the date. The second engraved hour hand remains fixed to show the time to go home. There are two smaller apertures on the left and right, respectively showing the day or night in the corresponding time zone. Moreover, when you return home, you can adjust the main hour hand so that it covers the templated hour hand, which looks like an ordinary three-hand best replica watch.

Inside the cheap replica watch movement is 324 S C FUS, which is a self-winding movement with 294 parts, a Gyromax balance wheel and a Spiromax balance spring. It also has a large central rotor made of 21k gold. Its minimum power reserve is 35 hours and it beats at a frequency of 4 Hz. Beautifully decorated, it can be seen through the sapphire glass back cover.