Haier Selassie Patek Philippe Replica Ref.2497 black plate watch

On May 15, 2017, Christie’s held an auction at the Four Seasons Hotel Bergen, Geneva. A Patek Philippe Replica Ref.2497 black gold dial watch caught the eye of everyone. What is the reason? Due to the controversy over ownership, the watch was withdrawn at the last minute of the auction on November 9, 2015.

So you can imagine the tension in the Four Seasons Hotel Belga this morning and the same team that organized the second auction two years later. At the moment of the announcement of the auction, Thomas Perazzi’s mood was obviously relaxed. Soon, the entire auction hall has forgotten the controversy, concentrate on this unique Ref.2497 black disk watch the first public auction performance.

This watch can attract a lot of attention, not only because of the previous Oolong incident, but also because of its own source and unique attributes. The competition unfolds between the two famous distributors Alfredo Paramico and Davide Parmegiani, as well as a private collector, all of whom are present in person and are bidding their hands on competitive prices. After some intense bids, Davide Parmegiani eventually won the replica watches quality at 2,911,500 Swiss francs (500,000-100,000 Swiss francs before the auction).