Quality Patek Philippe 5396R Annual Calendar replica watches with Blue Dial

Since its launch in 2006, the Patek Philippe 5396 calendar has been the most classic choice in the brand’s collection. It offers a cleaner and more modern alternative to the conservative reference 5146 (calendar watches based on subdial). In addition to the existing version, equipped with silver or gray dial (with decals or breguet Numbers), quality Patek Philippe replica watches has also decided to the watch to add some beautiful appearance, and the rose gold watch case combined with rich dark blue dial.

All in all, Patek Philippe replica watches offers no fewer than three different displays for the complexity of the calendar. Classic, refer to 5146, whose display is based on a traditional subdial. Modern, reference 5205 and its display based on the three Windows, from 10 to 2. On the right side of the middle is a hybrid, a classic look and depends on the sub dial watch window provides a more modern design. Patek philippe 5396R calendar, balanced, slightly conservative, but traditional and faithful to some vintage versions. Don’t be fooled, because these three watches share the same automatic core, a central second (Calibre 324), and are modified only according to the instructions shown on the dial.

The display of the fake Patek Philippe 5396R watches calendar combines the classic 5146, more modern 5205 and some permanent calendars (such as the recently launched 5320). On one side, it still has a 6 subdial with a lunar phase and a 24-hour indication. It then replaces the traditional subdial pointer indication with a window, providing a clear, immediate read, and making the dial cleaner. Finally, the day of the week and the month window are at 12, just like the old triple calendar or some of the QPS of Patek Philippe.

As a result, the dial is well balanced, open and relatively clean. All elements are located on the 12 to 6 axis, leaving some space to get more air dial. In this version, the index is faceted, and some versions with triangular tip – 5396 can have breguet Numbers. Some gold dot also said minutes, again the traditional Patek function – some would say they make dial is busy, but when seen in the metal, they would be set for dial beautiful reflection and depth.

Patek Philippe 5396R has an elegant, introverted shell with a reasonable diameter of 38.5 millimetres – almost never if you consider more recent watches. However, with its Calatrava style watch case, it works well because Patek Philippe swiss movement replica watch is a dress watch. The ratio between the thickness of the rings and the diameter of the dial is also pleasing – it visually expands 5396R and gives it a sense of beauty on the wrist. The case is made of 18k rose gold, fully polished, and paired with a deep blue crocodile leather strap – a bit shiny, but I don’t really like it. You can remove and switch the strap anyway.