Lunar calendar replica watches shop recommended

Full moon phase list, is a complex function, is relatively easy to come into contact with, it is promoted from the general complex to the top bridge players, compared to those difficult to touch the advanced complex table, calendar not only has a certain calendar The complexity, while the price is relatively easy to accept. The senior full moon phase table, the United States is not only technical characteristics, there are more artistic charm, “a smile,” natural charm.

Patek Philippe Complications Time Series 5396G-014 watch
Domestic price: RMB 361000
Watch diameter: 38.5 mm
Watch thickness: –
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: Mention the most advanced lunar calendar, I had to lift my heart love, Patek Philippe Replica 5396G, this is a month I think very beautiful calendar, some people say that Patek Philippe watches are not enough However, when such a PP appears, it is undoubtedly unbreakable. Balanced layout, a clear vision of time, coupled with the beautiful Patek Philippe gold figures, I think the lunar calendar is installed on the table, this is absolutely classic. In addition, this is a calendar, more complex than the full calendar. Heritage Patek Philippe 96 features the Department, simple and natural.

Lange 1815 Series 238.026 watch
Domestic price: RMB 297000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: 10.1 mm
Movement Type: Manual Machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Waterproof depth: –
Watch Comments: This full calendar moon phase watch, is Lange this year when SIHH brand new watch, but also the second calendar of Lange watches. This watch is part of the 1815 series, compared with the only calendar before Lange Saxon calendar, it canceled the calendar, the calendar integrated into the week dish, the disk simple and harmonious. 1815 Iconic Arabic numerals, orbital minute scale, elegant and simple, comfortable and classic. 6 o’clock position a meniscus phase, given romantic romance watch.

Blancpain classic series 6639A-3631-55B watch
Domestic price: RMB 318000
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch thickness: 13 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watches Comments: Mentioned the full moon phase watch, Blancpain 6639 is around, this best luxury replica watches is a little bit of awe-inspiring, compared to the former two “serious”, I think this Blancpain watch More romantic, more emotional. Special curved calendar pointer, has always been a classic Blancpain symbol, coupled with skeleton willow pointer, with Blancpain Arabic numerals, a kind of out of dignified beauty. Blancpain beautiful moon face, different angles can always see a different meaning. Powered by Blancpain self-powered automatic movement, providing 8 days of power. The dial is made of white enamel fire, excellent texture, delicate and full.
Summary: Advanced calendar full moon calendar, often win not function, is given the brand of outstanding craftsmanship, and special beauty, apparently, they not only represent a way to read time, but also a personal taste, symbol of fun .