Luxury fake Patek Philippe Calatrava 5120G-001 Mechanical watches

In the eyes of a connoisseur, beautiful fake Patek Philippe watches the incomparable reputation and status of the comes not only from the perfect and rich list of knowledge and technology, the undisputed special status, it is a company always adhere to the concept of excellence TAB of the same company which was founded in 1839. This spirit has become a symbol of Patek Philippe’s supreme quality, as it was when Patek Philippe was handed down from generation to generation.

Here is the basic information of the most luxury copy Patek Philippe Calatrava 5120G-001 Mechanical watches: Calatrava series; Style: male; Machine core: ultra-thin machine automatic upper chain movement; Machine core type: Calibre 240; Case: 18K platinum; Dial size: 35 mm; Thickness: 9 mm; Crown: common; The bottom of the table. Mirror: sapphire crystal mirror; Dial: white; Strap: crocodile skin; Band color: black; Button: pin buckle; Waterproof: 30 meters. All the details of Swiss Patek Philippe replica watches are worth admiring. You won’t regret having a watch.

Fake Patek Philippe Calatrava Moonphase watch is composed of two main colors, gold and white, which gives a noble and simple feeling. It is worth a lot of money and not much publicity. The watch is a combination of brand at the core of the traditional, USES the classic case, equipped with mechanical movement of complex function and the phases of the moon displays, bezel set with 66 blocks and flawless diamond, the world present a grace. Opaline is soft and feminine, with a delicate texture that makes it smoother and smoother. Dial diameter 33 mm, belonging to medium size, 18K gold gold watch case.

The subtle differences in the six o ‘clock window of the moon show that the phases of the moon year after year are not over. The moon and stars are described in golden color, with the golden “Poire Stuart” minute hand and elegant leaf second hand, perfect in the perfect color echo. Line color bracelet and the overall style of the watch, frosted pearl rice square picture color crocodile leather strap, hand-stitched, with 14 mm 18K gold pin buckle. The watch is equipped with Calibre 215 PS LU, and the rotating rotor is precisely tuned, with a frequency of 4 Hz. Include copy Patek Philippe in the campaign, ensure that the form has excellent accuracy and long-term reliability.