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The rose gold Calatrava Pilot Travel Time watch has recently made its debut at the 2018 Basel international watch and jewellery show, and Patek Philippe has just announced the launch of an exclusive executive referee. Titanium 5524 (42 mm). Titanium is an unusual metal choice for Patek Philippe replica watches, not so unusual when you think back to some of the other unique treatments previously done for charity auctions, such as Only Watch’s 2013 titanium 5004 minute-by-minute chronograph most recently, and the titanium 5208 minute repeater and chronograph for Only Watch 2017.

But the extraordinary metal watch combines a unique watch that has been a polarizing Patek Philippe luxury replica watch, a much-watched cocktail. What else is up for auction. Because the previous unique titanium works were sold in the same way as the Only Watch charity auction, this particular work was also created for another charity auction at Christie’s. This time around, the beneficiaries will be the geneva-based UNICEF. Founded in 1994, the group aims to bring meaningful change to the lives of children in need.

Their original purpose was to provide assistance to children in Switzerland, adolescent suicide is a social issue, and child action wants to work towards the eradication of children. The quality Patek Philippe replica watches organization also supports projects in eight other countries through long-term collaboration to maximize the impact on the lives of children there. In addition to the use of titanium, another deviation point for this unique 5524 is its black dial, which is manually treated to withstand this vertical striped satin finish. In addition, the watch is equipped with the same automatic upper chain movement 324 S C FUS, so it has the same function as the regular production of 5524.

The special auction, called the children’s action auction, is marked on oct 15, 2018. While that is still a long way off, Christie’s will show the watches during the upcoming Geneva auction week, which Best Patek Philippe replica watches review will be held on May 11 solstice 13. 3, 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues. As more information becomes available during the preview, more details and estimates of the watch should be available soon.