Fake Patek Philippe 5960/1A Annual Calendar Chronograph watch review

Back in 2014, Patek Philippe announced that the 5960 chronometer calendar would be rolled out in steel, a move that makes sense for a brand that wants to appeal to a younger clientele. It’s not just about pricing, but precious metals make it almost impossible to feel “mobile” in any way, let alone a complicated watch like the 5960. In 2017, they released the fake Patek Philippe 5960/1A Annual Calendar Chronograph watch. The result is that the brand intends to capture the natural development of the desire of the young market, which in my opinion is an aesthetic improvement and perfection.

The original 5960 released in 2006, is a Patek Philippe luxury replica watch timing clock within the production first, so the brand wants to make sure they can get proper steel version, to meet collectors and enthusiasts, and, of course, the ideal watch, this is not surprising. The fans. Black and red tactile ivory/silver dial is a success, but I don’t think I prefer the new black dial. Sports, modern, and impressive campaign, Patek has successfully for us these people respect traditional created a valuable works, which will not be dusty and the weight of the same style.

The polished stainless steel case, 40.5 mm wide and 13.5 mm thick, has a dark black opalescent dial built into it. Fortunately, it is clear and easy to read. Considering the use of Patek Philippe 5960/1A replica watches, the platinum time label applied, the red stop-needle and chronograph hands, as well as the white side of the 6 o ‘clock position of the monolateral mirror overburden the dial.

Something flipped from the silver dial-up model, the date/day/moon ring, the hour mark and the mono outer ring look more harmonious than the black dial. Personally, I found the date/day/moonscape of the previous generation too bright. I think the best way I can say it is that they almost feel the black eyes on the dial, although it may sound more severe than I want. These circles look more like a pair of natural eyeglasses, and draw an attractive outline of a person’s face. The 12 o ‘clock power reserve indicator still bothers me and looks awkward, though the functional purpose of complex functions is hard to deny. Of course, the white outer ring of a single case represents the chronograph hour, and the inner ring represents the chronograph minute.

The fact that I need to add is that I’m not usually the biggest fan of five-string bracelets, and that preference remains the same here. Above you can see platinum and blue dial 5960, I really like leather strap, but the chain on the steel model doesn’t suit me. However, it is also delicate, and the curved ear holds the wrist in such a way that the five-link bracelet looks perfect for the Best¬†Patek Philippe replica watches review.

Patek Philippe Complicated Replica Time Series 5960 / 1A-010 watch

For 178 years, the Swiss watch brand Patek Philippe never stopped research and development of timepieces and creations, and introduced many classic classics that have attracted the attention of watch enthusiasts from all over the world. They are always thrilled with their subtle architectural style and unique and remarkable practicality, making them ideal wrist companions for many of their friends. 2017, the brand adhering to years of watchmaking tradition, Patek Philippe Replica Shop brings a series of works, each one gives the left a deep impression. Among them, the black dial 5960 / 1A-010 count is one of the heavyweight watch, once again extended the top brands of stainless steel section of this classic design, highlighting the sporting era of stainless steel watch the characteristics of this era. Next, let’s take a look:

The most famous brand in the calendar chronometer

Many years ago, Patek Philippe introduced the famous calendar chronograph 5960.12 time window set three window calendar window, 6 hours above the coaxial clock set the clock so that the disk looks harmonious and balanced. And is different from the traditional timing disk disk layout, a very recognizable brand design. In the following period, the brand introduced rose gold models, platinum models and shocking steel best replica watches review. In 2017, the brand once again to 5960 as the title, launched a black dial 5960 / 1A-010 models, and the classic white disk 5960 / 1A corresponding to a new interpretation of the charm of the brand classic watch.
Watch the real show:

40.5 mm stainless steel case, the thickness of 13.5 mm. After the brand meticulous polishing showed full, smooth lines, very beautiful. One side of the watch is a stainless steel crown with two stainless steel chronograph buttons and a logo engraved LOGO design. The hand is extremely handy for easy commissioning of the watch and the use of timekeeping.

Heritage of the first 5960 chronograph watch design of the disk surface, 12 o’clock above the arcuate calendar window arranged above, and below the coaxial timing disk. In addition, the new ebony black Ying color refreshing the surface of the plate, unique style, noble and stylish. The central hour hand, the dazzling red chronograph second hand and the gold three-dimensional time scale against the background of each other, the time presented at a glance. In addition, the hour-and-minute hands and stereo time scales are covered with a luminous part to observe the time even in a dark environment.

12, respectively, the location of the date of the week, date, month display window, highly personalized features, eye-catching and intuitive, convenient for the wearer at any time to view the calendar. In addition, a power reserve display device is provided in the center to present the wearer the kinetic energy of the watch at this moment.

6 o’clock position for the coincidence coaxial timing plate, the outer ring is a 12-hour counter, while the inner ring is a 60-minute counter. 12-hour counter and 60 minutes timer can be used together, record any time point within 12 hours. It is worth mentioning that this timing plate designed to be very interesting, not only the integration of two timing plates, but also the various elements of the disk also mobilized up. When the minute count reaches 30 minutes, the hour chronograph hands move to the center of the two digital time divisions to remind the wearer that the chronograph mark on the next turn becomes the 30-60 scale on the inner circle, and when the number is skipped again After the recovery of the outer ring to read, so repeated, easy to watch for a long time.

Equipped with CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H fly counterclockwise self-winding movement, through the back through the design of the back cover, look vivid in front of the movement, do not have some fun. Gold swing Tuo engraved with a LOGO brand logo, add the brand charm. Watch has 45-55 hours of power reserve, and 30 meters of life waterproof performance.
Equipped with five rows of stainless steel bracelet, after careful polishing, texture comfortable, perfect fit in the wrist. Connect the folding clasp, easy to wear.

Patek Philippe Complications Time Series 5960 / 1A-010 watch
Summary: classic, excellent traditional design, coupled with the appearance of more contemporary features. So that 5960 chronograph heat all the way higher, especially after the launch of steel, the brand has become the most popular one of the swiss movement replica watches. If you like this watch, then may wish to enter the brand store to learn more about the details of this watch.