The difference between Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5270G and Seconds Chronograph 5204P

Patek Philippe Replica Watch has played an important role in the performance wristwatch complex since its establishment. The most unique timepieces are probably among the world’s museum collections, and with the spread of several works the market has become a treasure trove for connoisseurs.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5270G&Seconds Chronograph 5204P

From 5270 to 5204 Patek Philippe perpetual calendar replica chronograph perpetual calendar split seconds chronograph, manual link link movement CH 29-535 PS received new transformation, Many familiar friends will know that most watch brands in the calendar chronograph upgrade into a perpetual calendar chronograph split – second chronograph chronograph and the appearance of the previous design is exactly the same, the internal can be used to distinguish the location of the land color changes, which is obviously the simplest and most economical solution.

However, luxury fake Patek Philippe watch has not yet done so. In the process of upgrading and reconstruction, the brand of sports line design from the inside to the outside has been done meticulously. I believe this may be the special rigorous requirements of top brands. Starting from the comparison of pure aesthetic features, some crown designs of 5204P with a thickness ratio of 5270G are completely different, eliminating the shape change of timing buttons. The crown classic logo originally posted on Patek Philippe has also disappeared.

Look at the dial, I believe a lot of people will send out sincere admiration. If you look at the details, you will see that the two pointer tables are completely different. The curved three-dimensional plane structure of 5270G is trapezoid and 5204P. The function point is also very different with the phosphor coated 5204P pointer. The swiss copy Patek Philippe watches needle shapes of the two models are also different. The 5204p-chip pointer 5270G is a sword pointer. At 9 o ‘clock, the small second hand dial on the 5270G disk is rendered in a simple format, with an Arabic number in place of the corresponding index every 10 seconds. The 5204P scale shows the track in scale form and a small dial appears in the middle of the pattern.

The difference can be felt from the visuals to the design phase of the moon, with 5270G showing the phases at the top and 5204P at the bottom. In minutes, hours and seconds, the scale 5204P is relatively heavy compared with the 5270G line, but each second is divided into five parts equally. On this premise, I think the reading of 5270G will be more clear.

In terms of sports, the CH 29-535 PS manual winding movement finally appeared in 2009, which was unexpected when the lady 7071R was used for the first time. The CH 29-535 PS manual up-chain movement is fully self-manufactured through Patek Philippe, featuring classic cylindrical wheel tools and horizontal clutches, while offering numerous six patent improvements and technical improvements. After the 7071R, best AAA Patek Philippe replica launched this season, the first male model 5170J with this movement, and in 2011, the 5270 calendar chronograph. This season, Patek Philippe has released some of his latest work, showing the 5204 calendar minute-by-second chronograph and hiring a new CHR 29-535 PS Q movement.

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Patek Philippe is more than just a high-end chronograph, perpetual calendar and repeater; The brand also offers many sophisticated timepieces with ample daily utility.


Whether it’s a winter vacation in Canada or a business trip to Japan, the well-thought-out time zone feature is useful in our mobile age, when people crossed time zones almost as often as their grandparents did. It is even more useful when the time zone indicator is supplemented by an additional monitor, such as a day and night indicator or a date indicator. This was provided by Patek Philippe replica watches Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, which debuted in 2015.

From a functional point of view, the watch adds another practical feature: not only does it have an alternate blue and white day and night indicator for home time, but it also has the same local time day and night indicator, meaning the wearer happens to be anywhere in the world. Dates are displayed by hand on a large sub-dial, giving the face an attractive, symmetrical appearance. Calibre 324 S C FUS and a 42mm gold case are the perfect fit for this sporty fake Patek Philippe pilot watch.


If you want to keep track of time in several surf areas or different business locations, you need a top swiss copy Patek Philippe watch that can display the time in multiple time zones at once. Most of these chronometers show the hours of the earth’s 24 standard (full hour) time zones. A good example is Patek Philippe’s world time watch, which debuted in 1937 and has been released in a variety of styles over the decades. The latest model is equipped with a 38.5 mm platinum or rose gold case. Unique shapes and bold angular Pointers rotate above the dial, carefully decorated with guilloche decorations and near the center of the anthracite color. This latest version preserves the simplicity of the time setting: the traveler takes the desired time zone to the top of the dial by pressing a 10-point button.

At the same time, the 24-hour bell rings and the hollyout clock jump to sync, so that after the user sets the monitor to the new time zone, all the time is correct. Reposition the central hour hand and minute hand by pulling the cheap Patek Philippe replica watches crown outward and turning it: this leaves only 24 hours for the ring to rotate with the hand, as the desired reference position should remain logically constant. As a direction aid, the night time from 6pm to 6am is printed on a black background on the hour ring. These functions are controlled by automatic Calibre 240 HU, with the suffix “HU” for heure universelle, or universal time.